Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time's over

Do you ever feel empty? like.. something very important for you is missing.. l'm feeling that way now.. the reason? Undisclosed Desires... I can imagine your face right now.. What's she talking about? Why is she feeling this way? or maybe not.. maybe you give a fuck how i'm feeling  or how I see the world..

A few weeks ago I was infront of the mirror with nothing more than a bikini and I realized that I don't like my body... I tried everything...exercise..stop drinking coke.. I smoke more than I usually do  and I even try the hardest one.. do you know what it is? It's called Anorexia and i have to be honest with you.. I lost weight.. I don't know about lb but in kilograms is 3 and I just felt happy. 

That was two weeks ago.. Now I see the truth, I was wrong.

Today I see myself in the mirror and yes.. I'm feeling a little better about my body.. I started to do more exercise and eating healthy, BUT I  have regrets of what I did.

Anorexia is only the easy way to do it (but if you think about it is not that easy) and I learned that in order to get something that you want you must do everything you can, not only do it in the easy way,, Do you know what I mean?

Maybe I'm not the prettiest girl in the world.. Maybe I dont have a perfect body or hair or skin... But I'm proud of been me.


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