Monday, December 12, 2011


I don't know if this is the right moment for a post... I have an spanish final exam tomorrow and I didn't study just because i dont want to! I'm getting A's in everything except for my math class, I totally hate math.
I'm gonna be posting a new  picture  of me tomorrow and i'll post my everyday face routine maybe today...? I don't know, I should study!
I hope everybody is fine! I'm sorry for desapearing or whatever is written, by the way, speaking spanish all the time is having a big impact in my english, I'm worry about it.
I have a "new" boyfriend, we have 5 months of relationship and I'm so fucking happy with him!
I went to California a month ago and I got the shady lady pallete from the balm and the revlon creme shadows in not just nudes. Those two are parte of my everyday face routine. So I think that's it
i'll post tomorrow! byeeee.

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